Tension testing with the Mecmesin MultiTest 25-xt.

The touch-screen MultiTest 25-xt force testing stand is used test samples to establish elongation under load and breaking strain. 

The touch-screen is used to select and start the program – touch on the screen to choose the test then press the green ‘Start’ button.

Plane grips are used to clamp the sample which is then stretched at 100mm per minute.  The force applied and the elongation of the sample are recorded at up to 1000 times per second.

A graph of elongation Vs applied force can be viewed to see the test as it is happening.  Once the test is finished, calculations can be made on the collected data and the results can be seen on the touch-screen or saved and exported for statistical purposes.

MultiTest xt has a built-in detector that senses when the sample has broken and sends the travelling crosshead back to the ‘home’ position ready for the next sample.


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