FPT-H1 Horizontal Dedicated Friction, Peel And Tear Tester



The FPT-H1 is a dedicated horizontal tester, designed for testing to all the key industry and international standards for coefficient of friction, and for appropriate horizontal peel and tear methods. Its sleek contemporary styling incorporates ease of use and maintenance.

Built to exacting standards, yet affordable, the FPT-H1 provides the most accurate and detailed measurement, with guaranteed repeatability in testing. It is ideally suited for the packaging industry, for manufacturers, converters and users of paper, board and plastic films, plus coatings, floor coverings and textiles.


  • Pre-programmed to perform static and dynamic coefficients of friction testing to the main international standards for films and sheets.
  • Peel fixtures for 90°, 180° or ‘T’-peel tests designed for packaging, wrapping and laminating market.
  • Tear fixtures suitable for ‘trouser’, and wing-style (Winkelmann/Graves) tear testing on plastic sheeting, paper and fabrics.
  • A choice of loadcells, 10 N and 100 N, to give the flexibility to match the capacity to the test force range for optimum results measurement.


FPT-H1 for coefficient of friction testing


Designed for manufacturers, converters, printers and end-users of film and sheet materials, FPT-H1 is pre-programmed to perform static and dynamic coefficients of friction testing on a variety of materials. The main international test standards are included:


  • BS EN ISO 8295 and ASTM D1894: plastics, film and sheeting
  • ISO 15359 (first and third slide) and TAPPI T 549: paper and board

The FPT-H1 can be specified with the ISO 15359 COF kit, which provides a mechanised placement and lift of the 800 g sled, as required by the standard. The fixture also ensures a linear slide during the dynamic slip phase by means of its friction-free guide rails.


FPT-H1 for peel testing


Designed for the packaging, wrapping and laminating market, FPT-H1 may also be fixtured to become a convenient push-button horizontal peel tester. Amongst the 90°, 180° and T-peel standards supported are: FINAT 1,2 and 3, AFERA 5001, ASTM D3330, ASTM D6252, ASTM F88, BS EN 868-5, BS EN 1895, BS EN 1939, ISO 8510-2 Part 2, PSTC 101.

The driven moving table fixture used for 90° peel and adhesion testing ensures a consistent right angle between the peel direction and the substrate, and accepts float glass and stainless steel sample plates.


FPT-H1 for tear testing


Designed for the plastic film, paper and textile industries, FPT-H1 assesses packaging material strength, welded joins, folds, creases and perforation lines for tear resistance. The following standards may be addressed: ASTM 1004, ASTM D1938-08, BS EN ISO 6383-1, BS EN ISO 12625. Quick-change grips can easily be fitted to perform single-rip ‘trouser’ tear tests, trapezoidal and wing (Winkelmann/Graves) style tests.


Emperor™ Force


The FPT-H1-i is delivered with the powerful Emperor™ programming software and contains the pre-programmed routines found with the console version.


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