Mecmesin offers two torque testers, one manually-operated, one motorised, and purpose-built fixtures

Torquímetro manual Orbis

Sistema motorizado para ensayo de par Vortex-d

Mordazas, incluyendo la mordaza para tapones Stelvin

Metal Screw Closure Torque Tests

Metal screw closures, such as the 'Stelvin', have become a popular closure for wines, as they are considered to provide a more effective seal. Torque tests can guarantee seal quality.


Torque tests performed on screw caps can help:

  • Assess consistency of screw cap manufacture
  • Establish if capping machine is set-up correctly
  • Identify poorly fitted closures before shipment


Mecmesin offers two torque testers, one manually-operated, one motorised, and purpose-built fixtures to meet your test and evaluation requirements.

The Orbis - Manually-Operated Torque Tester

Easy to set-up and operate, the Orbis 6N.m torque tester, is an ideal instrument for ensuring capping heads apply the correct level of torque to screw closures for a hermetic seal.

  • Large, clear display of maximum opening torque value
  • Accommodates bottle diameters - 10 to 190mm
  • Water-resistant design rated to IP54

"The Mecmesin closure torque testers have fulfilled all our criteria and have given us great confidence in our application of the screw cap closures."

Orlando Wyndham Group,producers of Jacob's Creek wine

The Vortex-d - Motorised Torque Test System

Able to measure the application and release torque up to 10N.m, the Vortex-d is an affordable solution to guarantee production consistency and easy openability of screw closures.

  • Motor-driven eliminates variability in results
  • Accommodates bottle diameters - 10 to 190mm and bottle height of 450mm
  • Option to set pass/fail alarms

"The Mecmesin Vortex gives us peace of mind that our process is in control on screw cap application."

Ian Scrivener, Technical Manager - Packaging of Hardy's Wine Company


Mecmesin ofrece mordazas hechas a medida para asegurar que las muestras se ensayan correctamente y proporciona excelente precisión en los resultados.

The Split Mandrel Stelvin Grip

This grip mounts to a motorised torque test system and securely holds closures in place without the risk of pinching or slipping.

Screw Closure Holders

Mecmesin's closure holders may be custom moulded to suit your specific closure design avoiding distortion on gripping.


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